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We, JJ Infradent, LLC, print your logo or promotional phrase on the inter-dental brush caps upon your request as a part of standard service to the interdental brush. 
After submitting orders from our online store, please send a copy of your business card with the company logo along with short description what you want the print on the cap to .  If minor modifications are required, we will prepare the art-work for you without additional charges.
If you want to prepare the art work, please send your art work to for final review.  Due to the limited printable space of the brush cap, we inspects all artwork submitted to make certain that it meets the specific requirements for applying your design to the brush you selected. If minor modifications are required, we will make these free of charge with your permission. 
Sizes of caps vary on a handle type. And, each cap has different printable space. Specifications of printable space on each cap are:

  • Printable Area of easyGRIP Handle Cap: Double Side Print

  • Printable Area of easyCARRY Handle Cap: Single Side Print

Despite the limitation on the printable space, we try our best to satisfy our clients need and demand by providing several “logo and promotional phase” design layout.  Depends on what you want to print on the logo, you have three optional layouts to choose from. 
When you are designing the artwork of your company logo or/ and promotional phrase, please make sure to prepare it within layout from below.



  • Layout I: Center


  • Layout II: Split


  • Layout III: Window

After you submit your art, a rep from a promotional outlet reviews the submission, and will contact you with any questions; otherwise they will prepare a Proof for your approval.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at
Sincerely yours,

JJ Infradent, LLC. Design Team